Welcome to the web site hotel restaurant "Joso" Sukosan.

We look forward to you and want to spend good time with us. Restaurant and hotel staff is at your service and will follow all your demands!

For over 20 years we strive daily to improve their quality, and?? Winters they offer a better service and to the satisfaction of all. We did not stop, and now you?? Winters to better. We offer:-

  • The restaurant is widely known for its local specialties
  • Modern and luxurious depadance
  • 3 star Hotel
Hotel "Joso" Sukošan

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Telephone: 00385 23 394 900
Fax: 00385 23 393 983

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Address:    Dr. Franje Tuđmana 117
Town:    23206 Sukošan
Phone:   00385 23 394 900
Fax:        00385 23 393 983
Information: info@hotel-joso.hr


Already more than 20 years, every day we are trying to improve its quality, strive to better service and offer, to the satisfaction of all of us. We did not stop, and now strive towards the better. The restaurant now receives 150 persons, our numerously and quality staff will be happy to see you.


We have 24 rooms. Each room has a toilet, are equipped with TV with satellite programs, Internet connection and wireless network, air-conditioning, mini-bar, central heating and telephone. By the hotel there is a parking lot.